goat stoner metal
study the chronicle of the acts
of cthulhu the mighty
in this incarnation
(in chronological order
from the bottom upwards)
or choose the other incarnation
of cthulhu the mighty

CD in 4 Panel Digipack limited to Insane Dreamy 300 Copies


ACHTUNG ! There will also be a very small edition of a Nuclear Cthulhu Logo Patches


ZLO - Signum Diabolicum LP out

Zlo - Signum Diabolicum LP  with Bonustracks

Black Bunker 2015

All Tapes are Pro Printed and 3€ + Postage
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Out Now:

Bloody Lair - Behind the Gates of Terror Tape lim. 100

The Chainsaw Demons - Whisky & Blood Tape lim. Handnumbered 200

Abigail - Live at Grind Freaks Tape Lim. 200

Out soon (but no release Date yet):

ZLO - Signum Diabolicum LP + 2 Bonussongs Black Vinyl

Furthermore Black Bunker go into Co-Release of Phosgen Records, German Noise & Power Electronics Underground Label.

Next release distributed from Black Bunker:

RxAXPXE - Flesh Commandments Digi CD

Out Now:

Naurrakar - Epilogue of Humankind 

Lim. Pro Tape

Pure Devastating Songs of Young Cz Black Thrash Horde, 
following the Glory Path of the Mighty Maniac Butcher

Listen :

Circle of Ouroborus - The Final Egg Digi CD

Soundsamples: https://soundcloud.com/blackbunker/sets/black-bunker

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URGE - Solution of my Agony

Tape EP from the Songs of the Split CD with IR (Old Legend Productions)

Pro Printed Tape Limited to 100 Copies.
Price: 6€ Worldwide Shipping
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