ZLO - Signum Diabolicum LP out

Zlo - Signum Diabolicum LP  with Bonustracks

Black Bunker 2015

All Tapes are Pro Printed and 3€ + Postage
WHS/Trades are Hellcome

Adress: schwarzbbunker@googlemail.com

Out Now:

Bloody Lair - Behind the Gates of Terror Tape lim. 100

The Chainsaw Demons - Whisky & Blood Tape lim. Handnumbered 200

Abigail - Live at Grind Freaks Tape Lim. 200

Out soon (but no release Date yet):

ZLO - Signum Diabolicum LP + 2 Bonussongs Black Vinyl

Furthermore Black Bunker go into Co-Release of Phosgen Records, German Noise & Power Electronics Underground Label.

Next release distributed from Black Bunker:

RxAXPXE - Flesh Commandments Digi CD